The National Canine Audit Tracking System was developed to provide Law Enforcement agencies with a more efficient and realistic method to show the quality and competency of their K9 teams. Each team will create video evidence performing at a high standard multiple times per year that will reduce liability and remove any doubt of the team's capabilities. NCATS will also provide your agency with advice and opinion if the teams performance is challenged in court. Included in the membership is up to 8 hours of consulting by a police K9 industry expert as well as up to 8 hours of consulting by an attorney specializing in police K9 matters.

Annual membership of $100 per K9 team includes: 1) Up to 4 audits per year in patrol, narcotics and explosives detection.
   A) Patrol: *refer to example videos
       1) Up to 4 building searches.
       2) Up to 4 area searches.
       3) Up to 4 obedience routines.
       4) Up to 4 simulated gunfire.
       5) Up to 4 recall/disengage.
       6) Up to 4 verbal out/release.
B) Narcotics Detection: *refer to example videos
      - Up to 4 searches on whatever narcotic odors the agency chooses to certify on .
C) Explosive Detection:
      - Up to 4 searches on whatever explosive odors the agency chooses to certify on .

2) All videos will be audited by a minimum of 2 NCATS auditors. NCATS auditors will have a minimum of one police K9 trained and with a minimum of 100 street deployments in the area being audited.

3) 16 hours of free consulting. 8 hours by an industry expert and 8 hours by an attorney specializing in police K9 matters.
Industry experts will have a minimum of 2 police K9's trained with over 500 street deployments in the area being audited.

4) NCATS will download and keep video audits on file for the duration of the K9 teams working life.

5) An email certificate will be sent to each handler that successfully passes the audits.

How It Works and Why NCATS? Videos can be filmed by whatever works best for you. All of the example videos were filmed on an IPhone or an Android phone. Videos can be sent via email or mail. Any email account can be used to transfer video, (ie., dropbox, google). Videos sent via mail must be saved in a format compatible to a PC and a Mac. If a flash drive is sent, it will be mailed back to the owner after the videos are downloaded. Disks will not be returned, but stored. Audits Are Done At Your Convenience -No more waiting for a "cert" to come up when you have a team ready to go.
-No more waiting 8th in a line of 12 dogs to run the same hide, because that's not real.
-Membership gives you up 4 times per year. Some agencies may choose to do less for a variety of reasons, it is up to you.
-Audits do not have to be completed if one day. Space out the exercises as you see fit.
For example, you may choose to only video the building and area search for patrol on one training night then film the rest of the patrol exercises 2 weeks later on the next training night. The same may be done with narcotics detection.
Requirements We do require that videos are sent together once all 6 areas required are completed. Submissions are accepted by each individual and don’t need to be by an entire unit. Again, this is at your convenience.
*Help us to better keep track of your videos. If you record your 6 required audits for patrol over a period of time and not in one training day, wait until you have all 6 to send, then send them at once. Patrol, Narcotics and Explosive videos can be sent separately by an individual.
Keep It Realistic NCATS standards have been approved by dozens of K9 handlers across the country with over 300 years of combined handler experience. Two of the industry's top attorneys are ready to help support you when needed. Those numbers are tough to beat. Our goal was to try and keep it realistic. Thus, no need for the bite suit. As you will see in the example videos, we have created a way to help ensure decoy safety yet give a realistic picture of the dogs performance.
If you choose to use a bite suit, standard bite equipment, or are mandated to do so, it's ok by us. Yep, muzzle works as well.
The Big Question? "How do you prove to a court that you didn't take 6 tries before you got the one video?"
Simple Answer:
Your training records. Yet, if it is taking a team 6 tries to get a passing video, there may be a flaw in training that should be addressed before we audit a video or support that the team should be working on the street. doing a video cert is no different than training your dog over and over again leading up to the cert or no different than an attorney rehearsing and practicing for a case.
No Ego At NCATS, we work for you. You tell us what you want us to audit. We will provide a non-bias, qualified auditor, and help you when needed for liability. We want to make this process as easy for you as possible. The less time you spend on "certification" the more time you can spend on the street, doing your job…Saving Lives!